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Get Ready!

We are so excited to announce the soft launch of Cheer World Marketplace. A place where you can buy and sell all things cheer.

What is a soft launch?

A soft launch is like a "rehearsal" for a full launch. We want to provide the best experience for our users, by doing a soft launch we can catch problems and make changes before our big launch day. 

We are giving sellers a month to create and add products to their cheer shops. On April 30th we will be inviting 500 excited customers to gain first access to Cheer World Marketplace.
Customers will have four weeks to make a purchase and are encouraged to leave a review.
The marketplace will close down after the soft launch to make any necessary changes and fix any problems that may have occurred.

To start RSVP

  • List as many products as you can. We need to give customers a wide range of cheer products to choose from. 

  • Inform admins of any tutorials that need to be made for extra support

  • Inform admins of any bugs (errors) that may occur while setting up your cheer shop.

  • Leave a review on google for Cheer World Marketplace

Sellers- Cheer World Marketplace Soft Launch
Sellers- Cheer World Marketplace Soft Launch
Apr 30, 2022, 12:00 AM CDT
Can you make it?

There are only 50 sellers and 500 customer open spots. Save yours now!

Seller spots left: 17
Customer spots left: 253

Updated 4/20/2022
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